Move Management
Our specialty is move management during a downsizing transition.  This typically relates to clients living in a residence of several decades who are facing a move to a much smaller space.  This process can be quite overwhelming for any family.  Consider us as your single point of contact during this process.  We have reliable resources for every aspect of the move and can oversee all details on your behalf.  Details include:
  • space planning - selecting appropriate amount of furnishings for new residence
  • coordinating reputable movers
  • packing
  • unpacking
Note:  Packing coupled with unpacking, is our specialty.  We have procedures in place that greatly minimize the timing of this process.   When these services are combined, a move can be completed in as little as two days with minimal disruption to your routine.  We also remove any boxes and supplies used, so you can feel comfortable in your new home immediately.   
Packing Day
“Down-sizing is difficult for anyone but even more so when the people have not moved in decades and no longer have the strength or stamina to even think about this task. Senior Move Coordinators made this into a series of small steps that my Clients could deal with and I didn’t have to coordinate all of this. I would highly recommend them to others considering down-sizing, even if they have family close by. As a Realtor, I would recommend them to make your job faster and easier too!”  Karon S. (Aurora)